Why is it important to own only two pair of shoes

Why is it important to own only two pair of shoes

Some people think that having a lot of things like accessories, dresses, outfits, and shoes in the wardrobe is part of fashion. But there are also some people who are of the view that having a small number of things but if they are branded ones, should be suitable to live a fashionable life. Plus, ladies believe that changing a new dress every day is a better choice than wearing one dress for two days. Well, it also depends on the choice of the person. But it is recommended to have less number of things in the wardrobe so that it gets easy for you to choose among them. 

So, here we are going to talk about some of the great benefits of owning fewer elements in the wardrobe whether it is an outfit, accessories, or shoes. 

Many men love to wear various shoes and sandals and even they change shoes like they change glasses every day. Sounds cool, right?

Imagine, you have the capability and you can afford to wear shoes of your choice and can buy anything with your money, nothing can be more exciting than this when you have a reason for buying shoes. Mut goes for it.

Wait, what if I say, you should have only two pairs of shoes in your shoe rank and it has a lot of benefits as well, you might want to know about it before buying the third one for you.

Benefits of owning only two pair of shoes

Some of the benefits of owning only two pa of shoes are as follows

Minimalism is easier

Here I will quote something about minimalism in life. It is easier to live a life that has less stuff and irritants around you. You can easily avoid the trap of becoming a prisoner, it dies n;t only save space in your wardrobe or place new things in it but it can also save you money if it is done in the right manner. If you agree with the above-discussed statement, you will also want to save your space and money so it is recommended to have only two pairs of shoes. 

It prevents you from the temptation of buying newer shoes with our every new dress. It is not only about keeping an eye on the shoe rank but doing the same with the outfit’s wardrobe. Try it, you will never regret your decision

Fewer choices to make

When you have a limited or two pair of shoes, you will get another benefit and that is, you would have fewer choices to make and life would be easier than your thoughts like when you have a single pair of shoes for every formal occasion. You will have another for an informal occasion. But here you should avoid going to a function that needs dress pants or a color shirt as you don’t wear your colored shoes and it is as simple as that.

You will see a change when you don’t bother to stand in front of a mirror you would either dressed up or not. But don’t forget to set aside rough leather pair shoes so that you can wear them in bad weather and that way you will not be deprived of your two main branded shoes. But the rough ones wouldn’t be considered as the specified shoes for any occasion.

Exercise is cheaper

Sneakers are of great use when going to exercise and it would be easier for you to have them as they will be of great comfort. You might have noticed that exercise needs different kinds of sneakers and you need to buy a variety of various s=games and exercise like a separate pair for the courts, tennis, treadmills, running on the ground, and many others 

But if you get to stick with the one comfortable sneakers, the exercise will be cheaper and would be affordable 

it is easier to replace shoes

It is obvious that when your shoes need to be replaced you don’t need to wander from one place to another as it would be easier to find shoes according to your needs. If you don’t buy the same one, you can go with something close enough. 

It is a fact that this strategy will not go with everyone but this would be a good option for those who need to limit their shoe collection. 

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