Reasons for people’s overweight

Reasons for people’s overweight

There are a number of people that we see around us who are healthy and obese, and also so slim and smart that they look underweight, in short, people are overweight and underweight. Only a few people exist who are neither overweight nor slim, and we think it would be the beast of fit by being healthy and looking smart also. It can be genetically possible or they may know various maintenance ideas that help them to stay young and maintained. 

Overweight and obesity

There is a number o reason that can contribute to making the person obese and overweight like, including too much eating, especially when we eat too much unhealthy food and when we don’t take proper physical activity or maybe both factors are effecting the healthy life.

Here we will discuss some of the reasons that can participate in making you more obese and some of them are a follows 

  1. Eat junk foods and especially foods with high energy more often
  2. People tend to talk about foods that are more than their needs and body requirements and the cravings of taste buds are the major reasons. 
  3. Those who don’t eat enough food and vegetables tend to gain more weight and this thing contributes to their obesity and overweight.
  4. Intake of Soft drinks, energy drinks ad sports drinks can also be the main and prominent reason for obesity so the drinks and eatables full of sugar must be avoided to maintain a fit and healthy physique as well as it will prevent you fro getting overweight and obese.
  5. It is obvious and a healthy activity to do exercise or any physical activity to maintain and digest the food intake but most people avoid this activity and choose to enjoy the bedtime after this. But they may have no idea that it will cause obesity for them
  6. Technology is most contribute a lot to make them lazy and obese we always keep on using mobile phones and keep on sitting for a longer period and we chose to sit instead of moving and this thing can be one of the major reasons of getting overweight and lost o fit physique 
  7. You must agree that people spend a lot of time watching movies, tv shows, and playing games and these things don’t allow the person to move but can be the factor of making us overweight or more healthy than pu needs, 

According to research, it is stated that many Australians contribute to discretionary foods and these foods are filled with saturated fats added sugar, salt, and alcohol which can be dangerous for good health and they don’t follow the doctor’s advice and consume double even triple their needs.

There is also a misconception in people about overweighting that they may have a slow metabolism that’s why they are healthy but it is unlikely to be an issue.

Apart from healthy diets and physical activities, many other issues can be the reason for overweight and we might be unaware of that all, like the environmental changes, where we live, can contribute to the weight gain as well as our changing physical surroundings, changes in the size of available eatables and drinks, changes in food supplies, transport, work [patterns, family structure, genetics and many more.

You don’t need to worry about every problem has a solution and the same is with issues so if you want to achieve a healthy weight, here I will tell you some of the reasons that can contribute to your healthy weight and it includes your kilojoule intake.

According to the research, you need to take almost 2000 kilojoule to reduce 0.5 kg per week.

Keep doing healthy exercise and also ensure healthy eating activities and you can also go with these both to make it more reliable and workable.


Underweight is also the issue as you may have seen many people who are underweight and there are also many reasons for that like they are so much busy to eat, sometimes forget to eat and also not feeling much hungry to eat and also miss healthy and organic diets.

Eight losses can also be due to many reasons like inception, certain illness and if you are not gaining weight and have tried everything that you can, you have to ask a professional about this issue.


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