How day time sleep affects you

How day time sleep affects you

We don’t need to highlight the importance of sleep as no one is unaware of the fact that how much of an important role sleep can play in our lives. It is a natural phenomenon and it is a blessing for human beings. Have you ever imagined it? What could happen when a tired and ill person just needs to take a rest and want a high level of peaceful environment, how can we give that to him if we were not blessed with this blessing? It would be a life full of irritation and we will be under stress if we are unable to sleep. 

In short, sleep is a crucial and valuable part of our life, is said that “ A person can live longer without eating for few days but it would be difficult to live if we don’t sleep few days, it means there are more chances of dying early a person don’t get enough sleep. But there is another important aspect that everything works properly in a suitable time as we can’t eat and drink if we don’t want to, and especially those things that are considered the best for life can only work if it is taken at the right time and the same case is with sleep as well. Have you ever noticed that when we sleep at a time and have ample amounts of sleep of 8 hours ( as recommended ) we tend to feel more active and concentrated throughout the day as compared to when we sleep for 6 to 7 hours in a day, we still feel sleepy and lazy? Why does it happen? It is also the natural factor that the best time for sleep is at night.

Here we will see that how daytime sleep affect us

It should be limited to 30 minutes

We may think that sleeping for a longer period always goes best for us and we will be benefited from it but sometimes it doesn’t work and we have to go with the term “ less is more “ and in napping it is most suitable as according to the studies, a day time sleep of 10 to 30 minutes can be more beneficial than sleeping for many hours. You must sleep for at least 10 to 15 minutes as compared to not sleeping at all.

20 minutes of napping can also be a good option and can be workable for mental performance as compared to 35 minutes. The daytime sleep will be in your favor if you take it less as 10 minutes are also enough.

Must make a timetable

It should make sure for a healthy life that you have to make a timetable as the energy level tend to plummet in the day time and it is also about the timings of sleeping like 3 pm to 5 pm is the peak time to nap and the research says that evening naps results in more seeping inertia.

You need to carefully nap your time especially if you are a shift worker ( it means you have nights or day shifts and research says that if a nap is taken on the early period of extended wakefulness can improve your energy level and cognitive performance. 

Make naps habitual

It might be difficult to add a nap schedule to your routine if you don’t have scheduled work time, but it will be the best option to follow the naps as the routine for those who have exact working times and have a proper schedule. The research made it clear that regular naps and schedule napping can beehives remarkably for your good health as well as initiate nap faster. There are more chances of experience more sleep inertia following a nap for non nappers. Here we can put the quotes that practice makes the man perfect as it goes for napping.

Make sure to have an adequate environment 

You must need a comfortable and silent environment to sleep peacefully and you can find it easily at night but it may be difficult in the daytime as there would be noise around you. So you need to take precautionary measures to make it reliable and applicable for your sleep. For this, you need to silence your phone and ask your family members don’t make a noise as you are napping and also earplugs can prevent you to disturbed by noise.

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