Best oils for hair growth

Best oils for hair growth

Best oils for hair growth

While talking about beauty and fashion. There are a large number of aspects that includes in this category such as, makeup, shoes, dresses, skin tone, products, and hair as well. We believe beauty is genetic, but now with the help of technology, we are in the mode of life that nothing is impossible and you can change your looks and outlooks just with the help of advancements like operations and surgeries of the specific parts of your body. Every part of our body needs products according to the texture like our face needs makeup products and overall skin also needs space and furnishing. How can I forget about hair? As they are an integral part of our body and especially for the ladies. Imagine you don’t have hair on your head, it must be a scary situation so it is essential to take good care of your hair. For this, the most important thing is to oil your hair. In fact, oil also varies with the texture and hair growth and you should use them, what they are made for like if you have thin hair, short hair, hair damage, and a hair fall, use oils accordingly. 

Here we will guide you about picking the right product for your hair growth and whatever your needs are.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is made for those who have curly hair, s curly hair are frizzy and dry so it prevents frizz and split ends as well, plus, if your silky and fine hair is facing hair fall these days, must start oiling your hair with the coconut oil because it not only slows down the hair falling process but the ingredients presents in it like fatty acids helps you to prevent breakage. It is also a good choice to get rid of unwanted dandruff as it soothes a dry and rough scalp.

Olive oil

Olive oil, an essential ingredient to be used in your kitchen but you can also take help from it if you have dry, rough, and thin hair to make it look silky, shiny, and healthy. All credit goes to antioxidants like vitamin E and oleic acid, as they play a role f shield around the natural keratin found in your tresses 

How to apply?

Apply warm olive oil from your scalp to the ends before taking shower. Leave them for 20 minutes and then shampoo and rinse your hair with the normal water 

Argan oil

Argan oil is considered to be the best option if you want to have smooth split ends and can also protect your hair from harmful U rays. It is a useful one for hair growth as compared to other oils. The combination of oxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids is nourishing and also protects your hair from getting damaged.

A few drops of argan oil, when applied on the split ends can work more than your thoughts.

Almond oil

When almonds are meant to keep your brain healthy and strong, you can estimate the benefits of almond oils and it is indeed the desired oil for dry and damaged hair. Things don’t’ only end here as you can also use it for your hair growth, because unlike all other oils almonds oils contain magnesium as well as antioxidants, vitamin E, and fatty acids.

For using almond oil, you need to make a mask and apply it before washing it the following morning. 

Rosemary oil

If you want to promote healthy growth and to simulate hai regrowth, rosemary oil would be the best option for this. According to the research of 2015. It is declared that after applying rosemary oil or si month can be proved to be effective minoxidil, it is the ingredient that is found in most of the products made for hair growth. Its anti-flummery and anti-fungal properties help soothe the scalp and also promote healthy hair growth. 

Tea tree oil

If you have oily hair, you must be thinking that it would be the answer to hair growth but that’s, not how thighs happen. The tea tree is helping you for achieving a clear complexion by clearing out dead skin cells and the bacteria which is the cause of acne. It is also used to unplug sebum and follicles. Plus, a big thanks to the combination of cleansing, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

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