Make your casual look formal

Make your casual look formal

Almost everyone lies to get ready for a function or any occasion with relatives or friends, but there are some people who don’t want to get ready. Does it sound strange? Yes, it is, as you may have no idea that some people don’t bother to get ready in a finer way and find their personality well in their casual look. Like in the household look you may say. No matter, it does matter for you or not, you have to keep yourself ready as you never know you may have to go to a function anywhere and anytime. 

On the other hand, another condition is about the young adults who are crazy enough to get ready and may have fewer outfits to wear and many occasions to attend, what to do with those young adults. It is possible that you have a specific dress that can be worn in 2 or 3 ties in different places and venues and it is a great idea to utilize your expensive clothes in front of different people. But some people don’t bother with that expensive piece and they just want a new one for every occasion to come. Believe me, it would be nothing but a waste of money and time. We have a great idea to prevent your dresses from getting dirty and you can wear them more than 1 or 2 times. 


Cleanliness is always important whether we are talking about casual or formal clothes. But here we are concerned with the formal ones so the condition there is much different there as people love to smell their dresses but they have no idea when that fragrance mixes with the body odor they don’t make a good combination. 

Make sure that the dress you are wearing is clean and neat because when stains are shown there, it can ruin your personality and outlook as well as it shows that you have worn it before.

Your hairstyle

Hairstyle plays an important role in revealing your outlook. If it happens that when you wake up your hair doesn’t go with your mood even after giving them a wash. You need to do something with them. Like making a rough bun or pony in a formal style can work. You can also go with the braid if you have time. Keep in mind that leaving your hair as it is will not leave a good impact on others about your personality. Make a hairstyle depending on the length of your hair and cutting style.


Life is colorless with colors and on talking about the colors in dresses, it is considered to be the useful option for showing what kind of personality you have, as beige and grey or offwhite is thought to be the casual colors and if you want to look cool you will go with pink, orange blue, and other darker shades. And obviously, you will do justice with the black and white and these are the universal colors and easily can turn into casual as well as formal ones.


Accessories depend on your choice, whether you like tops or big earrings, bracelets or watches, rings or necklaces, and many others, and the rest depends on the dressing. It is a misconception that the accessories only look good with ceremonies and heavy dresses but you might have never noticed but accessories also make a great combination with t-shirts, trousers, and casual wear. In Fact, they can make them stylish and give you a formal look.


Makeup is the necessity of the day but the quote “ less is more “ is the most suitable for makeup. As a girl, if you are a makeup lover and have skills in your hand, you must agree with the fact that the less makeup we have, the more we will look beautiful. And when we are concerned with our casual and formal look. A no-makeup look, with accessories and casual wear, would give a nice combination,


Shoes have everything to do with your style and personality but the question is how can we make our casual look formal with the help of shoes. The height matters, you should go with what suits you if you are well heightened, must consider the flare one and if you are short one. Go with the heels.

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