Is it necessary to lessen screen time for fit body health?

Is it necessary to lessen screen time for fit body health?

We are introduced with the term technology which is always with us whatever the citation is, we just take help from it and fully dependent p ot, even when we ae faced any ind of problem we just think that, we have nothing to do just despite of search the solution from the google, yes this thing is happening and this mad the human life so robotic and full dependent on teh mobiles and technological facilities. 

But we are might be unaware of the fact that these are effecting our life a well as our health, bcause we can’t take much exercie, we even can’ take alk after dinnera nd lunch because we are compel to siit in the same ostion just to fullfil oyr euiremnts and assigned tasks, 

The males in the offices, the students in the classroom and the kadies in the houses are just usin it according to their bends and equiremnts.

It maybe the reason and cause of many health life issues as we don’t try to enjoy anything without it but it might be our misconception that our life is nithing without it.

Research shows that there is more chances of gettin chronic disease with the icrease in your screen time.

If you are agreed with all those points and want to take a break from the screen time and want to spend that precious time with your family. Here i have brought some majo aspects that can be used to take your self out of any worries and you can minimize you screena nd sitting time by implimnehting on those aspects.

Well, of you do have the siting job, it is necessary to take breaks in between, it maybe by sitting, sanding, and moving arround as breaks during the worktime is not always about talking long breaks of tough physical exercise and activities only stretching and standing can also bring good changes in health and fitness.

It has nothing to do ith wat kind of weight you have, you maybe healthy or have a heavy weight and can be underweight. It is necessary to take brakes by hook and crook.

Try these tips to sit less during work;

  • Try to attend the call while standing instead of sitting and keep walking during that as well as keep stretching your muscles
  • Visit kitchen to fill the glass or water for you and you can also go outside to buy some eatbles in the break
  • Some people tenmd to cal te guard or the peon to collect thei pintering pacers from he printers, it also make you more lazy so try to collect the yourself
  • If you want to take break but get unconscious during work, you just set an alrm and leave the rest on it as it will remind to to take breaks during working time
  • We have dicysses that technology has madeus so lazyand introduce many apps and tools to comfort us but actually it as become the reason of your unhealthy life, so people usually send email to the person or text sitting next door, despite of it, try to see that person live and discuss your martial, you can also offer him to walk outside if it is  launch break

Th most common with priinent reason for enhancing the sitting time is that our screen time has been increased. So, to decrease that out we need to decrsae our screen time, as we people always keep on staring on the television, computer, tablets and mobiles for ou purpose ike for working, playing games, doing a business task as wel a watching cooking recipes. Now, it is time to reduce the screen time for a batter health and go for physical activity for living a fit and healthy life.

On talking abot the screen time of teh kids, it is the duty of the parents to make ssure that it shouldn’t be exeed to moe than to hours in a day. 

Some of the tips are:

  • Turn of the Tc when you feel it has too much now
  • Try to turn off tv whe some healthy activity specially taking lunch and dinner
  • For scheduling tv time, limit teh time of favorite prgrams and watch them only
  • Go wth one option, iike tv , computer or tablet, don;t let them use all at once.

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