Foundations: Everything you need to know about

Foundations: Everything you need to know about

We wear makeup according to the skin type and also according to our brand choice. There are so many products included in makeup procedures like face powders, eye shad, lipstick, liner, and foundation. But the question is, what is the major product that is used in makeup procedures? There would be almost 90% of people who would agree that foundation is the basic one and nothing can be more essential than this, as it is the base of the whole makeup that can hide all your dry skin, imperfection of other products and just help you to show a glamorous skin of yours. But, everything depends on some confocal factors and the same is with foundation because it doesn’t suit every skin in fact on every skin type. You may say. No one size fits for all fits on the foundation. 

There are many kinds of foundation that are suitable for various skin types, so before buying a foundation you must consider some requirements that may help you to find the best for you.

Here we will discuss some of the specific requirements and facts about the foundation.

Identify your skin type

T is essential to identify your skin type before going to buy a base of your makeup. Ask yourself, do you know whether your skin is oily, dry communication, or normal?

  • Oily skin

If you have skin that contains acne and mostly the person with oily skin has to face acne issues. So if you are one of those, you have to use the products that have mineral powder and compact powder foundation that would help you to enjoy acne-free skin and shine as well.

  • Dry skin

Those people who have dry skin they should go with the crema on products that contain moisture and they must have faced extreme dry skin during winters so they should narrow down their research to nourishing 

  • Combination skin

Combination skin is like when you have a dry forehead and your area under nose feels oily if you are one of those people, who should narrow your research to balancing formula and should use the ingredients and the foundation especially which can help to avoid policy area 

  • Sensitive skin

Most of the companies do their sensitive skin as they avoid applying any product and chemicals on their face because they are fed up with their reaction like allergies and irritation. So to resolve this issue, they are introduced with products that are fragrance and chemical-free and have very less amount of irritants.

  • Normal skin

It must be good news for the people who have normal skin as they can use any products of their choice depending on their choice, taste, suitability, and budget as well. 

Choosing foundation coverage

Determining the best level of your coverage, your skin tone, and the foundation you apply to look the best of you plays an important role. Many brands are introducing various pigmentation options for a flawless finish.

  • Light converge

If you aren’t light coverage of your skin try to apply the foundation with light coverage and give you a natural look but it also gives a glow to your face because the light coverage also reduces the appearance of your pores.

  • Medium coverage

Medium coverage suits those people who want to have a brighter look and also want to apply other cosmetics like blush and shimmer,.mousse or compact powder is the good choice for it as it also covers imperfection. Medium coverage also covers the redness around your face as well as prevents you from discoloration around the nose due to sun and age.

  • Full coverage

As the name suggests, full coverage covers your face with a brighter and sharp look with a higher pigmentation level. This is suggested to those who want to have a magazine look. But this kind of coverage need professional hands so that makeup can give a natural look instead of full coverage as a mask-like makeup will never gonna suit your face

Types of foundation

There are various types of makeups and the makeup lovers need to choose among them and some of the basic are as follows

  • Cream
  • Mineral
  • Airbrush
  • Stick
  • Powder
  • Liquid

Read this guide before buying foundation for your skin and must consider the type of skin and what you want like lighter, average or dark coverage.

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