Why should we wear masks?

Why should we wear masks?

People were not much known to the impedance of wearing a mask in the past, as it wasn’t common to wear a face mask even when we see a person wearing that, we might feel awkward and critique that one, but now it has become the crucial art of le and we even can’t imagine taking a step out of home without wearing it, as well as no one will allow us to meet him in his office, shop or even in the outlet or shop in the mall. They have pastes the tags in the doors that mask no energy or wear a mask before entering, and these things are more than enough to show the importance of wearing masks, but still, there are some people who don’t this situation seriously and think that the things like virus don’t exist but some people also think get so much conscious of it and are very concerned to their lies as they just keep themselves in the quarantine and follow all the SOPs to stay safe and secure and when they step out they wear masks, keep sanitizer in their bags and keep the social distance without hesitation and this thing really work to make them secure and safe from any kind of virus and dangerous diseases.

We all are aware of the fact that we people are very skilled in making things good for us and turn the worst situation into fun and enjoy life even in the pandemic, and especially when the mask has been a part of our life. We must not leave it for some special reason and some of those are:

Masks protect other people

The doctors suggest people cover their faces with masks to protect themselves and the other people around them and the main focus is just to protect from the infected people as it is said that the virus has been absorbed in the air and when the affected person sneeze. Cough and even take a breath while talking with the person in front of them, there are more chances of the spread of the infection. 

It is useful to wear a mask but now you may have noticed that it has become the [art of fashion and people are wearing masks for fashion.

You never know about the infection

Being in the pandemic situation, you may have noticed that this virus is being spread in the ai and you may have no idea that you can among those who have been infected because the symptoms can be late to show before you have affected. 

You might be shocked to hear about the research that almost 40% of people have been infected due to viruses without even suffering from any kind of symptoms.

So it is stated that wearing a mask is always healthy to protect yourself even you have no symptoms or signs to get into the infectious disease, 

Masks are for your protection

Studies show that weaning masks can protect you from and there are more chances of protection when everyone will cover their faces and especially their noses. Think of it yourself, as when you and the people sound you will cover the faces there would be fewer chances of transmission of bad breath which is the major reason for spreading the virus and we can estimate the importance of masks that the fewer cases have been seen from when the public start using face masks.

Masks may help the economy recover

The government has locked everything just for our protection and when we will not obey their regulations, the circumstances will get worse for us and it will be difficult to face the situation as well as to cope up with the spread of the virus and diseases from that.

The protectors and the doctors suggest that we should use face and mask and follow other SOPs to resist the infection and when people will follow that, there would be no need to get strict with them. So, it will obviously be a good step towards an economy which has decreased in the past. 

Masks are the alternatives

When we were in the initial stage, we find no ways to cope up with the situation and the single thing we had at that time is the use of masks, so it is researched that when there are n treatments and vaccine. The social distance and the use of masks were the prominent things. 

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