What We Wear, is a Fashion

What We Wear, is a Fashion

What We Wear, is a Fashion  

Fashion can be defined as the recent style, dressing sense, decoration of face, or hair. Who doesn’t want to upgrade to clothing? everyone dresses up in the style, which they think is included in fashion, it’s not wrong to do that, because every person wants to show the best of him. If you want to wear what suits you, it doesn’t matter if it is popular at the time or not. Because what you wear is a fashion for you.

Wearing culture :

What if you wear what your culture recommends? wearing culture is a fashion in its own, the people who wear according to the customs of their country or society are considered to be the patriot, but it doesn’t mean that the one who doesn’t wear according to the culture, doesn’t live for their country but the matter is just about the dressing sense. You can also dress up in any amazing style in other ways.

Is there any need to change the way we dress up?

This thing has a different dimension, if you are influenced by anyone,  and you think that he dresses up better than you, then you may follow the dressing style he has. 

The other condition is that when you confidently wear what you want and you stick to the idea that your style is always best.

The dressing sense explains the personality you have, it is a common thing that you dress up according to your moods, it also shows that where are you going, it means which kind of function you are going to attend, it may be a friend gathering, a cool party, to attend the meeting at school for your children, definitely you dress up accordingly.

Collaboration with old times 

There’s Nothing bad about it if you want to wear old fashion dresses, it shows that you don’t forget about your customs. E.g,  Being a Pakistani, if we wear shalwar kameez, instead of wearing capris, short shirts, frocks, and bell-bottom trousers. If you like to wear your cultural dress, just have it. If someone says that you are old-fashioned, you have nothing to do with their thoughts or compliments. Collaboration with the old-time doesn’t make you old or congested-minded.

Designers and trendsetter 

All over the world, no country is left behind to introduce the best they have. A lot of people are designers, they have all the rights to tell us what we should wear? they are trendsetters and we as common people start following them, just because they are the designers.

It is a common thing, to make a dress which does not meet the requirements of the recent times, it gets famous and people start wearing that kind of dress for the reason that it is a trend of the time. In this case, anyone can set the trend of their own choice by calling it a fashion.

Garments & accessories 

Only the dressing sense can set the trend about ? not at all, this includes ao many things or accessories with it. The people with high standards have competition with others, they compete so much that they buy the perfume the other person uses whom you are impressed. It is not just about perfumes, it can include different products like makeup, jewelry, shoes, hairstyle, and whatnot. I will not call it fashion, it is just the influence of others on you.

3D printed dresses 

Is fashion just about wearing heavy clothes, or full of embroidery or jeans and jackets? we can’t agree on it when it is about the dress based on 3D print? It has its gorgeousness. A simple dress that has a printed shirt and plain trousers with a single color dupatta gives a magnificent look to your personality. These are not rare, it is liked by many people as they like to be a simple person

Fashion courses:

Many people who are crazy about, up to that with the trend of the time, the study, what is trending,

There are many courses which are available for his field, it can be online or in an institution are as follows :

  • Foundation Program in Fashion Design & Marketing.
  • One Week Fashion Journalism Course.
  • Fashion CAD Design Online Course
  • Industrial Pattern Marker CAD Operator Course – Milian.
  • Preparatory Course in Fashion English Language

These are some of the courses which the institutions are providing. seeing the craze of the youngsters for getting knowledge about the trends of the world.

Influenced by bloggers and mates 

Most people are influenced by anyone easily, when it is about dressing sense, they must follow the other person. They keep checking the blogger’s website and also pay attention to their mates or colleagues that what they are wearing. They think that they are up to date and by following them you can also include yourself in the list of up-to-date people.

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