What things do women like in men?

What things do women like in men?

Opposite genders attract each other, but in my opinion, it is not only about the gender but there must be certain things that are the source of attraction in both the genders, it can include many things that are the source of attraction between each other but mostly we have listened that men get attracted towards women before then the women. We don’t get shocked when any men get attracted to women as there are many aspects that can be sourced which include the talking or walking style of the women, some males can be attracted towards the dressing sense or the body language of a woman and how he behaves with you, and many other things. We can’t say that only the positive behavior contracts but men can also get attracted by the negative behaviors, you might not believe but it happens.

But, here we are going to talk about the attraction of the women towards the men, nothing shocking in it because the personality and style of the men also matter and the dashing ones.

So here we are going to talk about the accessories and the other stuff that can be the reason for attraction towards men.

Well fitted suits

Suits are made for men. They wear it to show their class, they can’t wear it commonly because suits are not the common ones and can just be worn on some special days of any event like a business tour, meeting or any business dinner.

Wearing a suit isn’t enough to make you a stylish person as you need to be fit for wearing the suit, so you must go with the right fit and to a good tailor if you are not buying a ready-made suit. Psychology tells about the style that V-shaped body which is associated with testosterone and good health 

Wear a well-fitted suit to attract your loved ones to love you back!

A nice watch

In this time of technology, we don’t think that anyone would b using watches to see time, and everyone has smartphones so they have nothing to spend on expensive watches, but, here watches can help you in another way like a minor flick of a wrist to watch time has its own level of style and anyone can impress with it. 

When you wear it to attract a woman, it happens, as women always like men with accessories and wearing watches can show that he is punctual and a sensible person. It can help you in starting a conversation with the women you want to access.

Wear an elegant fragrance

Everyone loves to be around the person wearing a nice and elegant fragrance. Don’t you believe it, just go and read the research in Europe on personality and individual differences? It is mentioned that the fragrance can help you to select the mate for your life.

When you are having a great smell in your body, you can have the long last conversation with the woman you want to have as she must like standing or sitting around you just because of that fragrance.

The pink color

Here we are talking about me, and about the pink color, it must sounds opposite as pink always belong to women, but you might don’t have an idea that if any men are wearing pink, women gonna love him because it requires a lot of confidence and you have to become very choosy and selective about choosing a pink color, don’t go with bright or pastel pink it can be over but the lighter shades are more than fine.

It also shows a positive attitude as the research says that the person wearing pink appears to be happier.

Stylish shoes

On talking about personality, how can we forget about wearing shoes, as it has a major role in showing your dashing personality? But you have to choose because you can’t wear joggers or sneakers with a suit so you must be selective about the shoes you are buying and it should be according to the dressing style. 

If you go with the leather one, it would be in your favor as leather is meant to show wealth and status. 

These are the basic things you should buy to impress the women of your dreams. but a personality, a great smile, and a fresh mood and breath are also in your favor to go for the first date. So show your style to plan for the next one.

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