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What Are The Types Of Flannel Collar?


Undershirts can be used with a variety of clothing options. White flannel has been used for sailors in history. The white flannel protected the sailors from cold winds and sea water. It also had to be kept clean because it was white. Today, undershirt, which is used by almost every segment, is an underwear product that everyone can use. Come, what are the flannel collar types?

Flannel has 3 main types of collar;

  • Bicycle Collar
  • V-Neck
  • Wide collar

Although there are various colors, the most popular colors of the undershirt are white and black. Now let’s take a look at the types of collars.

Bicycle Collar

This type, which has a round neckline, is the simplest looking one. The collar of the undershirt is in the form of a flat round. This type of collar was also the first T-shirt. If you have trouble choosing, you can start with this collar type. It is the most popular and widely available model. Crew neck undershirt is a type you should prefer when you wear closed clothes up to your neck. E.g; like a shirt. If you are wearing a buttoned product from the collar and intend to open the top buttons, the cycling collar undershirt may not be suitable for you. An undershirt with an open collar will affect your overall appearance.

It should also be worn with long sleeves. It may be visible from the outside in garments with half sleeves or short sleeves. This can make you look aesthetically bad.

Crew Neck – White Bicycle Collar – Gray Bicycle Collar – Black

{ 7} V-Neck

If you want to wear a buttoned outfit, choosing a V-neck undershirt may be the right way for you. You can leave the top buttons of a sweater or shirt open with a V-neck undershirt. Since there is a V-shaped space under your neck, your skin can be seen from the button areas you leave open. Thus, you can use it with any necklace or similar jewelry.

V-Neck – Gray V-Neck – White V Neck – Black

{ 8} Athlete

Athlete, who is actually a type of undershirt, can be confusing to some people. In terms of the definition of an athlete, “Undershirt or Athlete?” You can take a look at our article.

Athlete is an ideal variety for summer months. In order to cope with the temperature of the summer months, you should choose the athlete that completely leaves the chest, neck, shoulders and arms. Your clothing may be buttoned. The athlete will not show himself under the garment that you can unbutton halfway through your torso. Suitable for long-sleeved or short-sleeved clothing.

Athlete – Gray Athlete – White Athlete – Black


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