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What Are The Most Used Bra Types?


Let’s take a look at the bras that are indispensable products for women. We have divided the bras that can be divided into categories in many ways, according to the way they show the breasts.

1 – Balcony

Balconette bras When we translate it into Turkish as “balcony”, we think this shape becomes meaningful. . In this variety; Since the breasts are squeezed from the bottom, there is swelling on the upper sides. This situation is called by this name because it provides a balcony-like appearance.

In general, if you want your breasts to have an aesthetic appearance, you should choose balconette bras .

2 – Plunge

If there is space between your breasts and the sides are fuller than the other parts, this model can be preferred. This model will make up your breasts. Since it combines your breasts in the middle, it allows them to have a perfect look. It is the most suitable model for decollete.

3 – 3/4 Cup

Internationally, the height of the bra is expressed as cup. We can call it Turkish for a container. 3/4 cup model bras cover most of the breast. Low-cut look is good.

4 – Push-up

bra known as back-up. It is more preferred by women with small breasts. It makes breasts look fuller by pushing them upwards.

5 – Full Cup

Full cup bras cover the breasts completely. In this model, the ribbon section goes over the upper part of the breasts.

6 – Minimiser

Minimiser bras aim to make breasts look smaller than they are. In this model, the chest is shown small by squeezing or spreading under the armpit. Thanks to the barriers under the breast, the breasts are tidied up and a smooth appearance is provided.

7 – Multiway

Multiway bras strapless, tied at the neck, one-shoulder or cross-back designs. has been made. Straps of bras appear on low-cut clothes . It is possible to make various combinations by changing or coloring the straps.

8 – T-shirt

T-shirt bras is one of the most preferred and frequently worn bras models. . Many women have at least two t-shirt bras in their wardrobes. This model does not leave a mark when worn with slim t-shirts and shirts. It fits completely on the body and remains tight. Makes you look perfect because the dress is not visible over .


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