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Weft Binding Types


We use scarves in winter. So how many types of scarf tying do you know? We describe 7 popular weft tying methods with pictures.

Over Hand

It is a good tying for medium weft length. It is a perfect choice for cool weather.

Parisian Knot

If your scarf is long, you should choose this type of tying. It is more beneficial to choose this form of tying in cold weather.

Fake Knot

Not long or short; It is an ideal form of binding for medium size scarves. This type of tying you prefer in cold weather will help protect you from the cold.

Reverse Drape Tuck

If your scarf is medium or long, this tie will the shape is just right for you. With this form of tying perfect for cold weather, you will be protected from the cold and also have a good appearance.

Reverse Drape Cross

Your scarf If you are medium length or long, you can choose this type of lacing. It is a perfect choice for cold weather.

Four In Hand

You can tie your medium-length scarves or long scarves this way. This type of tying, which you can use in cold weather, is a choice that will protect you especially in freezing temperatures.



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