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Undershirt or Athlete?


Flannel comes from the word (Italian: flanella). Although it is written in undershirt, it is also known as flannel or fan in public speaking.

Flannel is usually woven from fine cotton yarn and worn on the skin. It is a underwear.

Flannel Types

Undershirt ; It can be in short-sleeved, long-sleeved and suspended varieties as well as in varieties such as cycling neck, V-neck, wide collar.

Which is Right

Some people defend that undershirt is the correct expression, while others say that the expression athlete is correct. advocates. Actually, both can be said to be correct. We can say that the athlete is a type of undershirt. The fact that we think of the picture of underwear when we are told rather than determining which one is correct is an indication that there is no need for such a distinction.


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