Top 7 types of lipsticks

Top 7 types of lipsticks

Lipsticks play a major role in making women beautiful. And if they don’t wear it. They will feel something missing in their dressing and personality. But applying lipstick is not a childish act, women have to be very conscious about the colors and the style of the lipstick. No doubt, lipstick always looks great on lips and they are meant to make you look beautiful in all ways but like everything, applying lipstick also needs some requirements so that you can do justice with your dress and the choice of the color of lipstick.

To help you out in this matter, you need to know about some of the best and most beautiful colors and types of lipstick so that you can choose the best for your lips. It’s not only about the dressing and the color combination but sometimes you need to consider the composition and the texture of your lips. You might have heard that no one size fits all and the case is a bit similar in lipsticks.

Well, to make things easier here we will discuss some basic types of lipstick so that you can choose according to your lips requirements.

Plus, markets are filled with the color and variety of lipsticks as many brands are working on it.

Type1: Moisturizing lipstick

As the name suggests these are moisturizing lipstick that contains moisture and are helpful for those who have dry lips as these kinds of lipsticks are meant to make and keep the lips soft and smoother. The makers prepare it with the relevant ingredients to make it wearable for dry lips and the ingredients include vitamin E, glycerin, aloe vera, etc. plus, these not only moisturize your lips but also keep them shiny, wet and smoother as well.

Typer2: Satin and sheer lipstick 

Satin and cheer kind of lipsticks are in the favor of dry lips as it contains moisturizing ingredients that are useful for nourishing lips and helps to make it soft, shiny as well as glossy. Before buying satin and sheer lipstick, keep in mind that they have excessive oil ingredients so they look darker in the packing but would be lighter when applying on lips. Another advantage of this lipstick is that you can reapply them many times.


Type3: Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is more than enough to show you a stylish person and I can benefit those women who have great taste in buying colorful and nice shades. They look classy on lips as they give the effect of flat and not shiny lips. Plus, it is suggested to combine the products like vitamin E and aloe vera for making it smoother and can help to prevent lips from drying

Type4: Cream lipstick 

Cream lipsticks can be the best option for ladies who have small lips. The purpose of making this lipstick is not to make it shiny but it has smoother effects on lips. The prominent thing is, you can use double lipstick like cream lipstick and gloss can be a good combination. Cream lipstick contains more wax in order to protect your lips but cream lipstick can also affect dry lips. 

Type5: pearl and frosted lipstick 

Do you want to sparkle and glisten lips? Pearl and frosted lips would be a great choice for you and it can make your lipstick and make any shiny effects on your lips, this may also have some negative effects that can cause lips to feel heavy, crack and dry. Before using it, you should moisturize your lips for preventing them to get dry and cracky 

Type6: Gloss lipstick

Glosses are very common among ladies and are available in any color and any girl of any age can use them and the ladies with small and thin lips should use them, making lips shine and the dimension of lips and depth. You can also apply it with traditional lipstick.

Type7: Long-wearing lipstick

Long-wearing lipsticks could be a great choice for those women who don’t have time to reapply frequently. These lipsticks are made with special ingredients that make them last 4 to 8 hours. They can last a long time if you don’t eat anything. They also contain moisture that prevents your lips from getting dry.

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