These 6 bags are essential for your wardrobe

These 6 bags are essential for your wardrobe

These 6 bags are essential for your wardrobe

There are many accessories that are a useful part of personality and they include many things like shoes, rings, hairstyle, and bags as well. Buy Bags are considered to be the most valuable and useful part of your personality. As if you don’t have bags with you, you will feel incomplete. You have many, many and many things of your use to put in them and they are useful ones according to the place you are going. It depends on you how you prepare your bag, it might be in an emergency and you just grab the bag and have to go, but what if you have to choose among the various ones and even after so much thinking you get the wrong one. Your time will be ruined, some girls are crazy about bags and they need more and more for every occasion but there are also some girls who find it if cut to choose the right one for them and they find it hectic to have it on any occasion

Despite having so many bags that are not even in use, you should consider some of the useful ones that can assure you to be loyal to you and don’t disturb you as well. 

Here are some essential bags that are useful on almost every occasion.


As the name suggests, you wear it like a crossbody, and this is a great option when you are in a hurry as you just have to pick it and wear it by the cross body and there we go, you can go anywhere without any hesitation that you have missed something or you will oos any essentials in your bag as you feel your bad with the body. The important thing is, it has a long strap with can’ disturb you and have a big place inside that all your essential can be placed there. You can find them anywhere in the market easily or online.

Mini purse

Many people don’t find mini purse a useful thing as they are of the view that these mini ones have nothing to do with their heavy accessories and they need a big one, but you might be unaware that these mini purses can add level to your personality and you should use them when you don’t have many things to put in them. Like when you are going to a party you just need to put in your mobile, some cash or a card and that’s it. Plus, it makes you cute and rare as well.

Tote bags

If you are going on a trip or any long journey the best option you should go with is a tote bag. These bags can be of great use because a big benefit if you can out anything of your use, you don’t have to take 2 small or 3 mini bags with you. Just carry it and you are ready to go. Tote bags are most popular amongst women especially with the kids and you can buy them according to your choice of colors as they are available in various sizes and colors 

Canvas bags

These bags are made for extraordinary bag lovers. Normal people don’t own it and the women who want to go with the funky design and colors, canvas bags are made for them. These bags are mostly picked by the ladies who are about to go to hang out with friends as they are reusable and are available to put different things in. Their easy-to-grab quality makes it loveable for women, if you want to have it, it is available online as well as in physical stores.

Fanny packs

Many people are not well known for this kind of bag as the style of wearing it is not very common. But these are of great use when you are going outside for a second and have little and small things out in it. It is also a good and useful choice if you are going for a concert or any kind of party or a function, in short where you don’t want to carry a heavy bag on your shoulder or have a mini purse in your hands all-day

Leather purse

If you have ever gone purse shopping, you must be aware of the super classy and amazing styles in leather purses. These purses are universal. These may be a little pricey but would be a great option for everyday use. The main thing is, it goes with every occasion.

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