Role of Government in the Fashion Industry

Role of Government in the Fashion Industry

Role of Government in the Fashion Industry 

Fashion is a part of our life, the absence of the textile industry let the world in the depression decide, what to wear for the occasion or in the routine? If the different dressing styles are not introduced, I must say there is no shade and flavors is to be add in life. Everyone has his own choice, some are fond of ordinary dresses and some like to follow the constructed designers, it all depends on the voice, but we do not deny the importance of the fashion industry in the world.

Participation of government 

The government of every country plays an important role to introduce fashion and trends to the society, the government saves an extra budget for this purpose, it also provides us chances for the development of textile mills by providing them with funds and budgets, etc

Companies have merged for this purpose 

When it comes to the image of the country, everyone ends up with their personal and professional issues. They tie together to work for the reputation of their country, they start exchanging the idea of fashion and decide that what is the best for their people, they stop comparison among them and start working on the same thoughts and images.

Protection of customer & dealers 

When the government takes charge of your security and protection. You get strong support with yourself, you start working in an easy environment. The government plays its role to protect the rights of the sellers and the buyers. The government takes part in controlling, to boost the Gross National Product of the state.

Involvement of directors 

Directors on the part of development in the fashion industry play an important role, creative directors are responsible for defining the need of the public through the surveys. They have a better knowledge of the need of the time. All like creative talents, they have a signature style, and even if they continue to innovate within it, the fashion they design tends to repeat itself.

Luxury fashion companies 

Companies are based on a variety of stuff, shades, and flavors. they think that it is the best trend. These companies make money by selling and buying goods they try to have the best stuff on which they can print designs. If the stuff is good, then you don’t need to be too much worried about the print, because the material you use, overcomes all the flaws of your design.

Role of designers

Designers play a vital role in this field. If it is said that designers are the second name of fashion then there is nothing wrong with it. They provide the government with the ideas in the form of samples and images, they also make blogs for presenting their ideas in a better way.;

It is not an easy job itself, like other duties and business it is also a tough duty to do, as they always are upgraded by the choice and likings or dislikings of their customers, as well as they have to be available for them, for their convenience 

Reshaping market strategies 

Like the business all over the world, it is the same with this field that innovations are always needed. If the market introduces something latest than you, you start worrying about your stock. 

The government has also a role in it, in looking after the designer’s markets and stock, they should never be unaware of the collection of clothes, because it represents our culture. 

So the designers should be very conscious about the change in trend.

Influence of  brands :

Who owns brands? maybe an owner of a brand does not know about brands but he is the owner, due to governmental support, as the government is very supportive in this field. 

In Pakistan, the government has introduced a PM loan scheme which can also be used to prosper this type of fields

But the question is, why do they choose this field only? one of the reasons is, they are impressed by the existing brands and by their money.

Advertisement through apps 

No one is unaware of the importance of mobile phones in our life. Today, nothing is difficult to achieve, technology has made everything easy and instant, you can use mobile apps and social media to deliver your ideas and innovations all over the world.

You can upload your blogs and ideas about a new style using mobiles. We all know, it is the time of technology when we are all dependent on machines. 

A Lot of people are making money through exchanging ideas and advertising their inventions by posting them on social media websites.

The industry for ready-made garments 

In the field of garments, everyone tries to progress more than the other, they find easy and instant ways to deal with the customer. In this situation, the industry for ready-made garments wins people’s hearts. It is just a quick way to wear according to your choice, or when you have to go to a function within hours, but you don’t find anything suitable to wear. Ready-made clothes help you a lot to wipe out this kind of tension.

On the other hand, those designers or shopkeepers who have a huge stock of hand-made work. They are complaining about the industry of ready-made clothes which can harm their earnings.

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