Primer and its 5 best types

Primer and its 5 best types

Makeup is the need of the day, almost everyone wears it according to his needs and demands as well. I used the word demands but nothing wrong with it as ladies wear makeup, the way they like and according to their demands like if they are going to a party or a function, they will want a party makeup look, and if they are the professional and a working lady they will need a light, in fact, a no-makeup look, and obviously when it’s your wedding ceremony or the engagements function you just need a gorgeous look. These are all the blessings of makeup that we can make our look accordingly. Makeup is not only about one essential thing, everything play a vital role in its place like without foundation, you can enjoy a complete look, as it is the base of your entire makeup look, and the game is with other products like lipstick, eyeliner, kajal, perfume, face powder and blush on, etc. most of the people are unaware of the essential product like primer, it is also responsible for the stoppage and fineness to your natural makeup look as well as it also prevents the face of aged ladies to look cool and they can be confident in any party wherever they are wearing. 

What is primer?

Primar is one of the useful products in makeup products as it is used as the base or the foundation to improve the entire look of your applied products. It doesn’t only enhance many parts of your beauty routine but can also make your makeup last long, creating a base, presenting excessive shine, managing oily skin, and many other essentials. The interesting thing about primers is that if you are applying primers you don’t need to be worried about how you are looking as it wants to give a clean and clear look to your face.

Main types of makeup primers

  • Mattifying makeup primer

Matt means to clear out all the skin types in one shade and make it smooth These kinds of primer are good for oily skin, especially if you go with the silicon-based ones because it not only tends to create a mattifying barrier between the skin and makeup but can also benefit you with the blurring and the smoothing pores.

  • Hydrating face primer

As the name says that these primers are supposed to hydrate face skin and for Those who have skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid and oxidants, hydrating face primers are best for those plus it would be the ideal one if you have dry and rough skin.

Remember, don’t go with a silicone-based primer, as it could pull your rough skin.

  • Color correcting primers

Color correcting primers are all about colors and the colors are designed to counteract underlying skin tones. Like, green primers are good to correct redness and blue primers offset sallow or yellow tones. So if you are color-correcting primers, you can apply any shade of your choice so that you can look good and confident as well.

  • Blurring primers

These kinds of primers are great products for soothing as it is a great deal for mature type skin for diminishing the looks of fine lines and wrinkles, so, blurring primers are mostly in the use of aged ladies so that they can make makeup look awesome and can prevent them from looking old and things don’t’ the only nd here but stands less good for mattifying skin types.

  • Eyeshadow primers

If you are fed up of losing your eyeshadow by sweating, must use eyeshadow primers as it helps them to stay in place during gym work out, humid or rainy days. Just apply it to your eyes and leave the rest of your eyes on it. These kinds of primers and almost all kinds of primers are easily available in the market and you can also shop them online as many online markets are working for this purpose. 

Must use these reliable, reasonable, and useful products that can make your makeup last long. 

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