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How to Take Bra Size and Cup Size?


If you do not know how to buy the bra size and cup size, you may make the wrong choices and buy the wrong product. Perhaps you could ruin a perfect outfit you bought for a lot of money by wearing the wrong bra. Let’s move forward step by step to get rid of this situation and get the right size bra

Do You Wear the Right Bra?

Not the right size bras ; wrinkles, bumping of the breasts, sore in your breasts, sliding straps, or uncomfortable problems when you raise your arms. Some factors may cause to change the size of your bra . For example, weight gain or loss, exercise, pregnancy or the diet you follow will cause changes in your breasts. If you are in such a situation or want to determine the size of the bra you will buy, take a tape measure and follow the measurement steps.

1. Step: Determine Your Body Size

Bra size is determined in 2 steps. The first measurement is made from the bottom of the breasts to determine the body size, and the cup size is determined by the measurement made above the breasts.

Basically, the size bra described in this article is sufficient to determine. Because mostly breast size is proportional to the size. However, there may be women with large or small breasts, depending on their body. For this reason, in order to make a full and accurate measurement, making both body and cup measurements together will give you a more accurate result.

Raise your hands as shown in the adjacent picture and pass them under your breasts. The tape measure should be straight and very comfortable. The resulting value gives your chest size. Bra sizes are determined with 5cm difference. For this reason, match the value you see on the tape measure with the appropriate size bra with the help of the table below.

The value you measure with the tape measure> 63-67 cm 68-72 cm 73-77 cm 78-82 cm 83-87 cm 88-92 cm 93-97 cm 98-102 cm 103-107 cm 108-112 cm 113-117 cm 118-122 cm 123-127 cm Bra Size 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100 105 110 115 120 125

2 . Step: Determine Your Cup Size

The cup (cup) measure is the measurement of the fullness of the breast. Thread the tape measure over your nipples and not too tight. Make a note of the result.

3. Step: Calculate Your Cup Size

In order to determine your cup size, subtract the measurement result (body size) you made in item 1 from the result (breast fullness measurement) in item 2. The difference between the two numbers will give the cup size of the bra you will buy. According to the result, determine the cup letter from the table below.

Difference (cm) Cup 10 – 12 cm AA 12 – 14 cm A 14 – 16 cm B 16 – 18 cm C 18 – 20 cm D 20 – 22 cm E 22 – 24 cm F 24 – 26 cm W 26 – 28 cm H


Your cup size described in steps 2 is 108 cm (the size you take from the nipples)
Your body size described in step 1 93 cm (measure below your chest)
we calculate the difference; 108 – 93 = 15 cm
We look for 15 cm from the table above and determine that our cup size is B.



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