How to start a successful fashion blog

How to start a successful fashion blog

In this technological world, technology has become the most efficient and profitable way of earning money. Especially in the US, there are almost 31 million bloggers who are taking part in it. Blogging is one of the most prominent ways of earning money, and even almost one-third of the web pages are blogs on the internet. If you want to jump in this field plus you feel that you can make money so you must go for it, but, before getting started, you need to know a few important aspects that are essential for having a grip on how blogging has become popular. Nothing difficult in creating a blog and making it a source of income for you but monetizing a blog can be much difficult and you have to pay attention to it.

Here, in this article, we will let you know the basic factors that are essential to know while setting up your blog. The business in blogging has everything to do with the business normally so it is said that foundation is everything, and if it isn’t so strong, you can’t build a furnished building there 

Choose your fashion blog and niche

When starting a business, it is the most important thing to consider what will be the niche and the name of the blog or any business. niche and name matter the most in blogging. Like if your blog is about health, you must assure us what kind of health, like either you are serving for diets, exercise, weight loss, and recipes. In short. Determine your unique edge and work on it, 

Don’t stick to the one, but shortlist 15 to 20 names and then choose the best among them. You can also use a blog name generator if you want to be catchy and creative.

Must pick a reliable web hosting

Choosing the web hosting service is considered to be the fundamental aspect of a successful blog. You can’t have a blog to speak of, without a web hosting service. The web host you would choose is all the basics of all your blog’s content, files, and images online. 

Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosts for blogging. They don’t only offer the best service in terms of blog performance but they are also user friendly as well as affordable. 

The select domain name and a blogging platform

You must want to have a complete grip and control over the blogging website or a blog for growing it better over time. And that’s why the most is the best blogging platform. This is made for those who don’t know anything about coding and building a website. It doesn’t only allow you absolute control and ownership but also allows plenty of room for growth. 

After signing up with, you need to choose the domain name, make sure you need to choose the close domain name possible, 

Go with your fashion blog theme

Once your domain name is registered and it is ready to get published, you need to add more creative and fun stuff. Choosing a theme and designing a layout for this is essential for this, you will find thousands of themes to choose the best and catchy among them. Many of them are free but some of them are paid. It should be according to the niche and the domain name.

Upgrade with plugins

Keep in mind that free theme templates are quite basic but you may have to upgrade your blog with extra functionality. Some of the top plugins include:

  • Image expression plugins
  • Gallery plugins
  • SEO plugins
  • Social media share plugins
  • Instagram feed plugins

Start populating your blog

You need to make a strategy here and before you start posting content, make sure that you have some plans and ideas. That’s how your content will look sensible and worth considering and it will also be appreciated by the audience.

Get started with the core pages first then the main menu. Your core pages include your about pages and contact page when it is done. Now it’s time to move to the next step, creating posts.

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