How to look good on a video call

How to look good on a video call

How to look good on a video call

We have to face many problems due to the pandemic. We are staying at home and we can’t even meet our friends and loved ones. What we can only do is to see and say hello just on the videos or audio calls. For this, we must have access to the internet and this should also have good signals as we can’t compromise on the quality of the videos and there is no charm in looking at the other person plus showing the other one ourselves having a poor connection. 

It is the psychological fact that everyone wants to look great in front of the person they are talking to. But, there are some people who have photogenic faces and look great even without having makeup on, but on the other hand, there are also m=some people who don’t have that great look but they have to get themselves ready for looking good in the photos and in teh cameras. So, for those who don’t have a photogenic face, the developers have introduced many apps and software that just filter the face and tanfer the person in a beautiful look.

Things are not only about looking good in front of the loved ones but nowadays people are working online so they have to meet the professionals also and there it is also essential to influence them to have a good look at us. 

Here we have some tips which can help you to look great hn you are attending a video call.

Lightening is the major element

If you want to give a brighter look, don’t make the mistake of sitting in front of the big window. No doubt, the natural light is always better than the artificial one, but if you sit in a pose that might reflect your face directly. It will give an amazing look of yours and the person you are talking to will have clear expressions and gestures on your face.

So, try to sit in the place where light is in front of you, not behind you.

Have an appropriate background

While talking to anyone you love plus it might be the professional call, you must want to have the long call because it would be in your favour as you can discuss whatever you want to and can have a gupshup with the people you love. 

For having a long call, make sure to choose the right and adequate background, so that they can also enjoy talking to you. It should be according to the person sitting b=in front of you. If he is a friend you can talk to him by sitting on the comfortable sofa in the bedroom but if it is your boss, a drawing-room would be a good idea..

Position the camera right

The camera should be at your straight position or slightly above you that would be pointing downward for the most flattering angle. It is essential to position the camera in the right position and if it is slightly above to you, your nose chin and hair would be shown,

Fill the frame

You might have noticed that when you turn on the tv, you see the perfect look of the anchor talking about the world’s nws. Ever happened? .she is sitting at the most left or right side of the camera and freeing up species at one side or above the ceiling/ it might not be so.

Following the pose, position yourself right in the square to fill the frame, smiling up at least one third of the space.

Wear something bright and solid

Bright colors have their own style and level, when we talk to someone in the real world we always suggest having light dressing because the dark one might reflect on eyes and don’t look really nice but you might be shocked to hear that the case is totally different in video calling. 

It is good to wear the dark and solid colors for the better experience and great look of yours.

Use the mute button

There is a mute button that has great use during a video call, so don’t ever forget to press it when something wrong happens in the background whether you are having a personal or professional conversation. Because the background noise of the kitchen or children might make you feel awkward.

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