How to cope with psychological effects of COVID-19

How to cope with psychological effects of COVID-19

2020 has been the year of COVID-19 which has the mental health of the teens as we have never think about staying in the home for s long even when we are just forced to stay at home and our governments

 and rulers have banned all the things that can be the reason for you stepping outside the house. When nothing works they just put lockdown as the full stop on every enjoyment and fun.

It has disturbed everything and even now when we are in 2021, it still not leave us, and now we are even in a more difficult situation and it has again put us in the same condition and we are getting back in quarantine and lockdown, the business has been shut dom, there is the only takeaway is available in restaurants and we can’t organize any party for friends for an annual meet up. These things have put us in depression and we just want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Here we will discuss some of the aspects that have affected our people in psychological ways 

Why are youngsters in depression?

Because of this pandemic, we don’t doubt that a huge number of adults are affected by this disturbing system as it is estimated that almost 3.19 percent of adults are affected

 by dipolar

 and psychological disorders.

In 1999, when the surgeon general researched mental health it was estimated that 20 percent of kids suffer from major psychological disorders. We can’t have an idea about the intensity as it can be mild, from adjustment to device while some can be more depressing and intense like mood disorders and anxiety.

The adults are bound to take part in social, physical, and educational events and interactions.

According to the reports of parents, almost 64 percent of the teens are texting, 56 percent are using social media  43 percent of teens are using social media and 35 percent of adults are always busy with their phones and talking to friends.

Things don’t only end here because teens are also having a get-together with friends, on outside and indoor basis, and the percentage is from 9 indoor and 6 outdoor.

Staying alone and in isolation has become a big challenge because this is the only way to stay safe and secure.

When we are stuck in a problem, the experts share many ways to get out of it and help the parents get their children back to life. 

Relaxing family rules

As a parent, you should use some indoor techniques to calm your children and help them to stay cool and relax. You can take part in playing with them and indulge them in healthy activities like playing cards with them and many others of their choice.

Allow your kids to meet their friends and fellows indoors and teach them all the precautionary measures and social distance and many other ideas to stay safe and secure.

Talking with expert

In any mental health problem, it is always a great option if you talk to the experts and specially in this condition, the specialists, scientists, experts and many other kinds of doctors are helping the individuals to get back to life as well as get rid of their depression and anxiety. 

Don’t you believe it? It is researched that one of 4 parents took help from the doctors and almost 74 percent of these got the positive results 

Try a web-based program 

Technology has helped us a lot in this regard, as it keeps us aware of the outside happenings and what governments and doctors are doing to prevent us from any kind of danger. Not only that, but it also introduces different ways to cool and calm us down in the situation. It has introduced many mindfulness games and apps that can encourage the teens to be normal and cal and the parents can use them to improve their mental health, it is more useful and ess meditating because it is and portable 

Encourage sleep habits

Sleep is a valuable aspect of life as when we have nothing to do, we can easily choose to sleep. During the pandemic it can be the best time to enjoy peaceful sleep, it not only helps you to stay safe and healthy but also makes you more calm and relaxed.

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