How to build a perfect wardrobe

How to build a perfect wardrobe

How to build a perfect wardrobe

To live according to the time and the recent styles is not much easy task as we have to spend money, compromise in thighs and just be according to the trends to show the upgraded lifestyle. This thing may sound an interesting thing but can it be difficult to achieve the things more than your thoughts. In short, building a wardrobe according to the recent trends is not a very easy task and we have to go through irritation and frustration when we see a lack of clothes according to the fashion. Some people think that these things maybe don’t bother the normal and middle-class people but it can be very frustrating for the high standard people like those who are in showbiz, celebrities, and specialty the model, doesn’t it sound cheesy? As no one is there who doesn’t want to look cool and show that they are up to date.

You may be thinking that you have to visit markets, outlets and the online shopping areas to stay up to date every season or even after 3 months, it might be a wrong concept as we have found that being clear on your wardrobe fundamentals is more important. Shopping could get easier and you can get good results if you know the simple things that can flatter your body, expressing your persona style, etc can make dressing up to date easier.

So before going shopping, just take a look at your wardrobe that may help you to beat the strategies.

Measure your body type

Before going shopping it is essential to take a look at your body type so that you can choose the stuff and the dressing style that can make your body flatter instead of those dresses you have found in the social media account. 

Different people have different body physiques as some people are heart shapes, pear-shaped, and rectangle shapes in which they have different sizes of shoulders wrists, hips, arms, and waist. So it is important to determine the body shape to make your shopping and choice easier.

Choose the color before going

Choosing the color before going out shopping may sound awkward but it is essential to choose because you will find multiple colors there and you may get again the same your wardrobe is full with. You may regret your choice if you will find the most dresses yi=oy buy again. 

If you have nothing to do with colors, you must get concerned with the colors that would be matchable to your skin tone and it is an important step to prevent you from looking odd.

Decide your style

You might have heard people saying that they just love to wear Capri with long or short shirts, jeans with T-shirts, skirts, maxis, etc. it is not about a single person in fact everyone tries to look individual in what they are wearing. Moreover, people start knowing them with their dressing style and that’s how they own the specific style. 

Well, you should have an idea of your style and if you are buying something to gift your loved ones, you should also have the idea of their style too.

Buy according to your lifestyle

It would be the most important thing you should think about, and that is buying according to your life. You are a businessman, for instance, what you will buy? A three-piece suit or the pajama and shirt to go for a meeting, you will go with the three-piece suit, right? As it will be suitable for your lifestyle. To find the best piece for your life, just think about the activities of the next week only then you can determine what you are going to pick and what should be left.

Detox your wardrobe

When your wardrobe is full of different items that you don’t even wear ever and also will not wear, then what are they doing in your closet? If it is so, it is the best time to bring a garbage bag and fill it with all the unnecessary items and articles that are just useless. It might be difficult to throw or donate many of your pieces but what to do when they are useless, so wouldn’t it be better to say welcome to the new and fresh pieces that are actually made for you.

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