How Glamour Influences Teenagers :

How Glamour Influences Teenagers :

How Glamour  Influences Teenagers :

These days, fashion is not about dressing elegantly and have a fine make on your face. Now the definition of fashion is changed. It is about influencing others by you and just show off your qualities of being according to trend. In recent times, glamour is affecting people so much, in other words, it is called an addiction to be up to date. The one who knows nothing about the trend thinks that he can’t survive in society. And when he is in the gathering he feels ashamed that he is not crazy about trends like others.

  • Self-defining of being trendy 

In the world of fashion, everyone tries to show off that he lives his life according to the trend of the time. He always talks about the trend and the change in fashion, dressing style, and showbiz. He feels honor when someone wants a suggestion about the fashion of the day. This kind of gesture leads the personality is always showing off.

  • Complex issues 

It is about an individual who knows nothing about the recent vogue. When it is time to go to a gathering, he always says NO to get together because he doesn’t have self-confidence in his choice of dressing style. He locks him in the room that he doesn’t want to face anybody who is always up to date about the style of the day.

This thing leads him to be in an inferiority complex, which affects the way of life.

This kind of thinking is seen in teenagers most of the time. Because they have to face the people of young age, and at that age, teenagers are at their peak to show off.

“ Stay positive, even if you feel like you are falling apart “

How people around them affect them?

In the teenage of your life. You get attracted to anyone, whom you feel lives a better life than you. And as at a young age, anyone can be inspired by any object or the person, whom he sees that he is a complete person just based on knowledge about trends.

He gets influenced by him. In this situation, he forgets himself, because he feels that he is just nothing for good. 

He can be impressed by the outfit he wears, the behavior others adopt, or the life they are living.

Body shape like models 

This is about the teenage girls who get attracted towards the style of models they want to be like them. Because they think that they have a perfect life with perfect looks and bodies. This observation forces teenage girls to look like them. To do this, they start having diets for their smartness,  they join the gym for exercise and whatnot. It can be said that models have a great impact on our girls.

Role of media and magazines 

The question of how teenage girls are known to this kind of models and actresses. This happens through the help of media and magazines. The media is full of knowledge about anything we want. The girls choose the topic according to fashion and get information about that. These things impress them and they wish to be like them.

People are brand-oriented :

When the youth of our nation gets brand-oriented. Then they do anything to fulfill their needs in this field. Here we are talking about the teenagers, the young generation, who are at their peak of being self-defining. They always choose brands to wear, they don’t accept less than this. 

For this purpose, they start saving money from their pocket-money and buy expensive clothes to show off their personalities.

They want to be a trend-setter in their teenage 

The young generation is obsessed with branded clothes, the fashion industry, showbiz, and the media. They want themselves to be part of this field. They are determined to the concept that one day they will introduce a brand or become a designer and a trend-setter. For this wish, they can do whatever they have to.

Fashion in schools :

The school-going girls, who should just be focused on their studies. They have left study behind and started searching for new fashion trends. They apply these tips and fashion styles in schools, to impress the other class-mates. 

Influence of showbiz :

In the teenage, when the young generation had dreams of becoming a doctor, engineer, or pilot. But the recent teenagers are too much inspired by the celebrities in showbiz that they want to be one of them. Showbiz has glamour itself. It can attract anyone towards it.

Badly affect academic performance 

When youngsters and school-going students start having an interest in the world of fashion, it affects their performance in studies. Because when it is time to prepare for exams, or make assignments and read books, they are wasting their time on searching for new trends in society and reading magazines about the models. This thing affects their career.

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