Having a dark complexion quality or not?

Having a dark complexion quality or not?

In this world, everyone thinks that he/ she is a perfect man/woman because they have fair complexions, perfect physic, long brown hair, and gorgeous looks. Are these qualities make a man complete or beautiful? Many people don’t think like this, on the other hand, there are a lot of people who are just attracted towards Dark complexion.

There should not be a battle on who is superior to other, or the people who have fair skin have more qualities than the dark skin, in the modern time, there should be no concept of judging people by their skin because we have many examples of people with dark skin who have left behind the people with fair skin.

People love to wear black 

It has been seen that most people love to wear black, the question raises why black? If they hate dark people, why do fair people love wearing black? because it is just a mindset of some people, it is not just about the white community, blackish people themselves feel inequality among them, there are many ways to love yourself, just find out any and do it.

Complexions are natural

As everything is God gifted, we all have God gifted complexion, it is a big reason to love yourself, never get ashamed or awkward to go outside that you have a darker complexion, just look at the inner beauty of your own first, then others could be able to watch it.

Black is a beauty :

I have a lot of examples, which can explain how much dark complexion attracts, when we hear about darker skin, the thing which clicks in our mind is that men/women are gonna be ugly or less attractive. I have seen a lot of people who say “ There is another kind of attraction in black beauty “ yes, it is true though, haven’t we seen some miss universe, who had a dark complexion? but they had left behind all other beauties in the contest.

Some examples are as follows :

·   Toni-Ann Singh

·   Leila-lopes

·   Mpule kwelagobe

·   Chelsi-smith

·   Zozibini Tunis

These all are examples of miss universe who attracted judges and audience with their talent, style, and beauty 

How can you love yourself?

  •  Don’t compare yourself with others :

When people start comparing, here is the moment where they start putting themselves down to others, just be yourself, don’t feel complex about your qualities, or abilities. Make yourself sure that you are a complete person.

  •  See how good a person you are :

Yes, I must say, if you want to judge anyone just base it on the ethics and manners of others, follow his/her manners, which appeals to you. Then make a change in yourself.

  •  Change the concept of beauty :

Just think what you have is beautiful, if you have darker skin, be confident about it, If some ask what is beauty? just tell him that beauty is in what we have, whether you have fair skin or dark, you are a completely beautiful person

  •  Self-esteem & courage :

Get stronger with what you have, keep courage on your face color, don’t allow anyone to insult your black beauty. Instead of having a mindset that oh GOD, please whiten me like others, just think yourself that your dark skin is much attractive and makes you different from others. What you should do is, just have positive thinking about your qualities

  •  Focus yourself :

Darker people who think that they are less attractive, always stand in front of the mirror and talk to themselves that they should be beautiful too, but why? they don’t understand that they are beautiful beyond their thoughts. They don’t know because they don’t look at them in a way to admire their qualities, 

  •  Have a smiley face :

I have seen a lot of images of children who have a dark complexion and they are smiling on their own. I can’t explain how beautiful they look, so keep focusing on these kinds of qualities that you naturally have but are still unaware of.

Take care of yourself and your skin :

When it is about taking care of yourself, you should be conscious about it, take care of yourself rather than pointing flaws in it. When your skin gets oily and starts having pimples, then what will you do? then there will be a time when you will love your complexion whether it is dark or fair, you will be worried about it

Dark skin is stronger :

During working in labs, it has been found that dark skin has better functions than other skin tones, it is stronger as it has a better barrier to water loss, stronger cohesion, and better antimicrobial defense.

Protect yourself 

Wear sunburn :

Even though people with dark skin have more melanin which helps protect our skin from sunburn, but increased melanoma can’t protect your skin from damage, which can cause skin cancer, so don’t forget to wear sun-burn for whatever skin type you have.

Dark skin absorbs about 30% to 40% more sunlight :

Research says that darkly pigmented skin absorbs about 30 to 40 % more sunlight than lightly pigmented skin, dark skin doesn’t increase the body’s internal heat intake in a condition of intense solar radiation, these radiations heat the body’s surface and not the interior.

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