Hacks and Tips for a Makeup Collection

Hacks and Tips for a Makeup Collection

People use many products to care for their skin and appearance or to enhance the beauty of our face and body. Make is all about lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, foundations, blush, eyeshades, and whatnot. But we need to be very conscious while collecting and applying makeup products to our faces.

How to use makeup step by step

Applying mascara perfectly

Almost every woman is seen to wash her face when she had done with makeup, just for the reason that she has applied mascara in the wrong way.

  •  Just have a spoon 

 But no need to worry at all, what should you do is, just to pick up a spoon from the kitchen and place the end of the spoon underneath your lashes before applying your product then you will see that all excessed products will be on the back of the spoon.

Match lipstick with a blush on

If you apply the shade of lipstick that doesn’t match with your blush, give an odd look. Applying the same tone gives you a perfect look, it shows that you are an elegant woman with fine makeup you have never gonna feel ashamed if you apply this hack.

Don’t use dual-product 

Using a single product on your tone will end up with a feeling that you can go anywhere outside having makeup with a single product.

Have a Smokey eye with a pencil

To have smokey eyes  you don’t need to get worried just have a pencil with you, smokey eyes are done, 

  •  Draw a slanted hashtag :

Use a pencil to draw a slanted hashtag above the outer corner of your eye and blend it with a smudger, it gives a perfect smokey eye to youNot everyone is born with a killer cheekbone but makeup products have made this thing easier, what you have to do is, apply a peachy blush staring from your apples of the cheek, and move outwards while blushing beneath.

  •  Use Shimmer

Applying shimmer gives your cheeks a shiny look, it glows out your skin in the sunshine and gives an adorable look at night.

Lighten skin with a foundation

Foundation can convert artificial beauty into natural looks. If you apply foundation perfectly and it has absorbed in your skin you don’t need to worry about your all-over makeup look.

Golden or pearly eyeshadows 

For a gorgeous look of foundation, just mix a bit of golden or pearly shades into your base or liquidy foundation product, you will instantly notice the change in your face look.

Prepare your lip-gloss at home 

Party has been begun, and you don’t have a matching gloss to your dress, don’t need to be worried, just pick that color from your eyeshadow kit, mix it with a gel, your matching lip-gloss is ready.

Always have vaseline in your bag 

Vaseline is a very helpful product in the list of makeup collection, it is used for smoothing  your lips, skin, and nails

When do you need to throw your makeup?

There is a limit of every product when It gets exceed it calls expired, and as the facial products are important for our skin, so we should be aware of their expiries

These are some steps we should care about

Check and smell :

Facial products can check out by their smell and the date of expiry, so you should keep checking them after a few months or days.

Time after opening seal :

It is obvious that once you have opened the seal, its date to get expire is near, so don’t forget to check them out.

Sour and damp smell :

Question is, how we can check that our product has been expired or it can be used more days or months, what you have to do is to smell it out, we as a human can judge anything by its smell because the expired product has a specific sour  smell,

Different results we can get after checking them including

Keep: it is all fine I can use it further.

Maybe: I have a doubt, it can be used or not.

check after two weeks: I will check it after some time, I will get better results.

Donate: I think it is fine but I don’t wanna use it anymore, I’ll give it to someone else.

Trash: am-hum! It has been expired, just throw it out.

There are some do’s for your better makeup collection 

Buy expensive brushes & sponges :

Some people buy expensive makeup but they got miser in buying brushes and sponges for blending, they forget that the real makeup can only be seen when it has been blended properly, and the use of fingers can’t perfectly do that.

Keep your skin ready :

The cleanliness of your skin should be obvious, if you have some dirt on your skin, makeup does not stay properly, and it gives an odd look to your personality.

Foundation, match to your skin tone :

Always pick a product that is suitable for your skin, especially, when choosing a base for your face, because if you don’t have a suitable foundation tone, your overall makeup doesn’t give a natural look.

Use perfumes :

Fragrance adds elegance to your personality, when you go to a party or any get-together, you are wearing gorgeous clothes with fine makeup, and you think that you are a complete woman on your own, but, what if you forget to use perfume for your body fragrance, you feel awkward when you meet to anyone, so always keep different kinds of sprays in your collection.

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