Fashion vs Culture

Fashion vs Culture

When we hear the word fashion, the first thing that clicks in our mind is something about western culture. And the word ‘ tradition ‘ indicates that we are talking about any culture in a nation. But the concept is not right, because fashion is not totally about western wear, it can also be in the form of traditional wear. But many people think not like that. They can also be the patriots who can not bear any change in their culture calling it a fashion.

Fashion and culture are equal in their importance. One can deny the value and level of the other one. The only thing we need is just to bring a change in our thoughts.

How fashion influence life?

Freedom of expression 

Freedom of expression is a power that fashion trends provide us. If we want to wear something different from our tradition we call it freedom of expression in which we can wear whatever we like. Because fashion is neither guilt nor a sin. It allows us to follow the western dresses within our limits, which can include jeans with long shirts, maxis, long gowns, and short tops with tights, etc.

There is nothing wrong with wearing the outfit of your choice, but make sure that you are not underestimating your culture.

Classy and attractive 

One thing which leads us to wear western outfits is the thought that if we wear western dresses, people take us as fashionable people. They think that they look more attractive and classy wearing that stuff. 

But if we wish to be called fashionable, there are so many ways to get up like a fashionable person. It can also happen with a Lil change in your traditional outfits.

Youngsters feel confidence 

It is the youth of our nation who always desire to live a life more prosperous than anyone else in their group. Most of the teenagers spend their pocket money to buy expensive clothes, and it is just to show off the people of their gathering. They think, only jeans and pants are comfortable for them, they have found peace and satisfaction in western wear. So, if they are in salwar kameez, they feel awkward and ashamed about their dressing. They are full of confidence in dressing up according to their dreams.

Latest trends modify modernity 

An individual is modern when he has modern thoughts. Modern thoughts can be broad-mindedness, behaving maturely, positive thinking, soft nature, and be lenient with everyone. But many people find modernity in their outfits, and they believe if they do not wear according to the trends they are not modern and latest. 

Western clothes are comfortable 

The best way to shop for western wear is to get more comfortable for us than traditional dresses. Cultural dresses are heavy and long, but we can sleep easily wearing western outfits.

When going to a party, we wear casual clothes to be comfortable in the environment and we feel no shame to wear that casual dress, for the reason we will be called simple and modern.

What things include in culture?

Traditional clothes represent culture 

What is a shame to wear traditional clothes? I think it should not be any. All the countries have their culture so the people of the state should not be ashamed to wear their culture. Wearing those dresses represents your tradition and there is nothing shameful in it.

Preserve your culture 

You are a patriot. Don’t dress up according to your culture then how could you expect, that from other countries. It is your foremost duty to preserve and present your culture by dressing up according to it. It is the only way to promote it because no one does it. So. Respect and preserve your culture. 

Symbolize unity 

When a foreigner visits our state and finds us wearing what our culture says. It is very impressive to him. It shows how much we love our culture. It symbolizes unity among our people Observing this, he will want to sign any project with this loveable nation.

Polished background 

When you are at the gathering, wearing a traditional dress. It has a great impact on you on others. If you think that you would look awkward and outdated, you are wrong. I must say you  look like you have a sensible and polished background,

Don’t discard norms & values 

Dressing up in a western sense just because of being called a modern person. Forgetting your norms and values is not suitable for your personality.

If you don’t respect your tradition and its values. The state does not respect you.

Traditional wear shows modesty 

As we have discussed, people think that western wear makes you modern and up to date. But on the other side, don’t forget that traditional wear shows modesty. To be called modest is better than to be calling a modern man, wearing a western outfit.

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