Create a capsule wardrobe in 7 steps

Create a capsule wardrobe in 7 steps

A person’s life is judged by the way he keeps his wardrobe ready, but it is a problem with many of us that we think that we have so much stuff and dresses to wear and we don’t need to buy anything this season but we’re about to go to any function or a party we find nothing to war and e don’t want to wear the dresses we have. It is nothing but an awkward situation. On the other hand, why is it about the wardrobe staying? We might feel guilty that we have more dresses than we need as we have never set them for anyone and never donated it to someone. Waking up every morning and getting confused about what to wear today is really an annoying situation and we think we have nothing to wear. It is a major problem among people and they find no answer to it. But, have you ever thought of creating a capsule wardrobe so that you can choose. I suggest you go with quality instead of quantity 

You must agree with my points but what if I tell you that here I have brought up some of the best ideas that can help you to make your wardrobe up to date as well as a capsule you would be ready to implement on that.

So keep reading this article to know the tricks to make it capsule and easy to access your dresses.

Know your goals

It is more than important to know your goals because when you have a predefined goal of setting the wardrobe with a limited number of dresses like 30 to 50 is more than enough to go with. More quantity can bring you in the same situation as back, it is essential to know the dress type you are going to wear next day, have a look at your schedule like if you are busy in meetings and business tasks you should go with the sophisticated dress on top and if the holidays are coming you must be going with the friends so you will evolve all the casual and funky dresses on the top.

Clear out items

Once you know what and where you are going to wear on what occasion now you have to do something with your remaining dresses like if they are still in use and you can wear them during work at home or office or anywhere outside it is good to have them but if you think they are now nothing else than wastage it is good to say bye to those outfits

There must be some dresses that are still in use but you don’t see them in your cupboard so it is a good option to donate those. During cleaning your closet, make sure to consider your preferences and priorities, so that you may not regret your decision but keep different styles to wear accordingly.

Remove out of season clothes

Keeping the four seasons’ clothes is one of the main reasons for making your closet like a waste room. When you stretch out the dress you need according to the time and whether you will ruin the others that are not in use. These things are done at the start of any weather so that it could be easy for you to find out wearables.

Time to invest money

You might be thinking why we are suggesting to invest more money when we are here talking about making a wardrobe capsule, so, when you will clearly examine your wardrobe you will notice that some essentials you are missing like you might have the same dresses to wear like some plain white shirts and black trousers. It’s time to invest. It doesn’t mean to pick up anything you like, just pick those which are missing in your wardrobe.

Stick to it with 3 to 6 months

Creating a wardrobe is not enough until you get stuck to it. Do it when you feel relaxed and once done. Keep in mind that the weather will be the same in the coming few months so make it according to the weather. Another useful tip is, do shopping at the beginning of every season because when you do it during the season, there are more chances that you will not wear them more than 1 time. So make sure to prepare your wardrobe for months as you are not gonna give it time every month.

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