Clean your bedroom to make it look perfect

Clean your bedroom to make it look perfect

Clean your bedroom to make it look perfect

It is the problem of all of us that we don’t find the thing exactly on the place where we left our last night whether it is about the briefcase and important accessories of the men or the hangings or the rings of the women. But when no one comes to your room and how can you even dare to disturb your wardrobe and the important things, how could they be disturbed in your absence? If you are worried and frustrated about these things, just flashback last night that here you are through the six and where you keep your rings that are missing right now. 

So it is you, who is not taking care of your thing and then you get to disturb the whole day when you don’t find your essentials so it is more than important to take care of things and keep them in the sequence to give a perfect look to your room and thus you will find everything in your space and you will get it easier and there would be no disturbance in getting you ready and in fact you will enjoy every aspect of life because when your room is in the perfect sequence, you will be mentally relaxed and nothing can be a blessing to find the things of your use easily on time especially when you are getting late for office or fo a party.

Hee, we are going to discuss some of the key points that can be followed to bring your room in the sequence as well as it would be enough to add peace to your life.

  • The first step is t clean the room which must be an essential part of your house, bring a dustbin, and just look around and see all the wastage ad don’t hesitate to put all the wastage in the dustbin whether it is the raw material and useful papers or the used tissue ( you may remove makeup, coming back from the party and left them on the dressing ) and throw this garbage out of the house ( in the garbage place ) and ensure to avoid spills and soil in lines while cleaning.
  • The next step is to observe your bed, it should be clean and set as you will sleep here tonight and finely place the cushions and pillows. If it looks dirty, you may change it otherwise shake it out to give a fresh look. You can also place new essentials for you like frames, laptop, and mobile on the side tables. 
  • Thirdly, you have to bring the kitchen things back to their place as you may have dinner late at night and leave the glass or plates on the sofa or table, get those things back to the kitchen sink.
  • Look around or the laundry clothes that should be washed and keep those aside those you are going to wear and if you find something extra o of another room, set them aside and decade to deal them later as now you are only concerned with the cleanliness of your room and not playing the game like ‘ what things will go to what place “
  • Now when everything is set, you have thrown out the garbage and you just have the essentials in your room now it is time to make everything clean and put out dust. Therefore. Start dusting with a rough cloth and lean out the furniture. Windows, the tables, bookshelves, and the picture frames,  you can also spray the grass cleaner to give them a shiny look.
  • Everything is done, right/ but the last thing is meaning still, and that is to vacuum or sweep the cloths, it is the last but the most important step as a lot of dust and dirt around you so the first attempt would not be enough and you need to double clean the room’s floor to get rid of all the germs and the dust.

It should be in a particular direction to make sure you have cleaned all the corners as well as every block of a tie, so take a start from the one corner and keep working around in one direction. Try to clean one chore at one time and avoid doing multiple chores and also don’t move aimlessly as you will lose focus. Make sure to have enough time to clean your room otherwise half cleaning can get more clumsy.

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