Best eyewear trends for men

Best eyewear trends for men

There must be a misconception about the fashion trends, styles, and accessories that they are just made for the ladies, but when we see things in the markets we mostly see things and fashionable accessories related to women. So, the man also feels complex that why he can’t look stylish and why the markets don’t have many accessories and dresses that can make them fashionable too, but that’s not what is happening, no there is no discrimination in ladies and man in any field or aspect of life and the same is in the fashion trends and styles. Now not only the ladies but men are up to the mark and have so much dashing dressing sense and personality that ladies are left behind in fact they also get impressed with them by their personality or with their style and actions. There are so many accessories and dressing styles in the market which are more than enough to make them dashing and amazing which include their shoes, watches ( just a flick of their wrist can make them stylish ) well-fitted suits, and the tie. These are more than enough to add some style to their looks, 

One thing that we might underestimate and that is the use of goggles or glasses, that are available in different prices and colors and even now they are available according to the occasion, 

If you are unaware, here we are going to discuss some of the top fashion trends regarding eyewear.

Some of them are:

Double bars/ aviators

Most people avoid buying the aviators or the double bars because they think that it only belongs to the police officers and if they wear it, they will look awkward but they may have no idea that these double bars are the great choice to have bold look. In fact, these aviators and double bars faced a big change this year and that is the metal-plastic combination that is hitting the optimal shelves. 

When this pair gets paired with plastic and metal, makes a great combination and a strong plastic front with a thin template is enough to show a stylish personality.


When we hear about translucent, we think that these would just be the simple transparent eyewear and they have nothing to do with style and class, but you may be unaware that the translucent have their own style. But wearing this, men can show their real facial features and make them stand out. Different styles of glasses attract people but on the other hand, wearing transients can attract more people just because of their simple transparent frames. Wearing those transparent frames with the heavy beard can make you stylish more than you imagine 

An oversize round or p3 shape

If you have been a glasses user, you must have an idea that oversized glasses are of no use nowadays even when they were very popular in the past days. Are you a Snapchat user? You must know the round-shaped filter introduced by that social media app, and it has become the reason for the popularity of this style of eyewear.

There are many celebrities, athletes, and attention fixers that are famous for their p3 shaped glasses. Keep in mind while buying for the eyewear that your round shaped glasses should not be showing through your lenses 

Sleek thin titanium 

With the advancement of knowledge, thighs are getting somewhere complicated but also very simple as people are now coming back to basic. The sleek thin titanium is made for the nighttime or the daylight and whenever you can wear whatever it is a business meeting or you are going to hang out with friends.

 It is not specified to the men or the youngsters but anyone can have it because it can pop on any face. It is cooler than wearing the transparent one, so if you find that translucent box you can go with this new one.

No screw hinges 

It is mostly assigned to the engineers but waits, those days are gone when they use large beefy frames. This eyewear is made according to the profession you may say, as there are various frames that are used especially by doctors or engineers. It is designed by the artist but is approved by the engineers to check out whether it goes well or not. It gets easier for you to choose these as they have screws in them and you must prevent the feeling that you have to repair your glasses!

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