Beauty products; you need to know about

Beauty products; you need to know about

Beauty products; you need to know about 

Beauty is often considered as all the person looks. It can be of anything like your face color, your hair, your physic your smile, your body language, your talking & walking style, and all the aspects of your appearance. It is just a general definition of beauty. Beauty products are used to decorate our appearance, these can be used by different persons in their ways.

But these products can’t change any person’s body shape. Yes if you want to have a chance it can only be done by the natural things, you can have diet plans,  a schedule your sleep, your use of water daily, have healthy foods like fruits and all that eatable that can be beneficial to you, but you can find them only in nature.

Not every product is for everyone

It is depended on your outlook that which things suit you, if you have a dark complexion and you want a fair one, what he can do is have surgery on a face mask, but ask yourself. Would you be satisfied with it? will it give a natural look to you? Nobody knows but you know that there is some artificialness in it. So, this thing does not satisfy you.

Huge markets for make-up products :

There are huge markets for a makeup collection. You can find material of your choice but you should be aware of the fact that not everything doesn’t suit you every time. So, you have to very care full about the shopping of makeup products.

E.g: you are buying foundation, how will you check that is it suitable for your skin or not. What to do is apply it to the back of your hand and blend it, if it is suitable it will be absorbed in ur hand, otherwise, it will give a dark look.

Effects on natural looks :

Aren’t you naturally beautiful? Of course, you are. But using products to get prettier is the wish of every woman on the earth. Then it’s fine to have it, but be aware that, not everything is made for you. Some so many people are affected by the make-up products badly. Just because they had used those products which are not made for them.

Some disasters that can be happened by using the wrong cosmetics are as follows :

Hair-fall issue :

What do we do? we try out different hairstyles for different functions. And our hair doesn’t set up without using a spray or a gel into it. Then we use different kinds of shampoo, conditioners, and hair serums to remove that gel. These styles give a delicate look just for a function but it weakens our hair, short or even we lose them because there is extensive use of the chemicals in miniaturization of these products.

Acne  & pimples :

We have seen man women always complaining about pimples on their skin, but they are not aware of the fact that our skin is also an organ like our body, it wants to breathe but when we cover it with makeup, it couldn’t breathe. Yes for 1 to 2 hours it is Lil fine but be aware, have no makeup look. But for those women who forget to remove it before going to bed, there is a big harm to their skin afterward in the form of acne or pimples.

Skin allergies ;

Make-up products are often made by the chemical named paraben which includes ethyl-paraben, butyl-paraben, isopropyl-paraben. These are very harmful to our face skin, long-time applied make-up products with these chemicals are injurious of the face.

Infectious to eyes :

The makeup on your face is on the one side and your eye makeup is on the other side. The perfect makeup applied to the eyes gives a complete look to your personality. But too much makeup on eyes like mascara, eye-liner, eyeshades, kajal, Including lenses of different colors gives an elegant look to your eyes.

But these products are also made by the chemical which can be very harmful to eyesight and can cause infectious disease to your eyes because this area is the most sensitive part of our face.

Age miracles :

People who get aged, but they don’t want them to look aged. For this, they use different kinds of age miracle products to look younger but they forget that they can not be able to hide their actual age, and these products can show them younger for the time being but they look actually what they are after some time.

Skin discoloration :

Skin products that are used for protection such as masks, preventing sunburn, cleansers, etc. These are made for outer protection but they have no idea how much these products are harmful to the inner beauty. These products can cause uneven skin tone, pigmentation, redness, and freckles.         

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