All bets are off about t-shirts and hoodies

All bets are off about t-shirts and hoodies

When going shopping, it is recommended to keep in mind that the stuff, design, and the fabric of the dress o the unstitched cloth should be up to date and new, and when we are correctly done with it, the 2second step is to make sure that that it be stitched in a right way and the tailor stitch it according to the required design and the style or the pattern. We buy fabric and consider stitching according to the requirement of the function and the ceremony where we are going to wear it, whether it is a maxi, skirt, or a long or short shirt that could be worn with pants, jeans, and pajamas. 

But there are some universal dresses and the styles also that don’t vary with the occasion and you just have to wear it the way it is, and that dresses are the hoodies and t-shirts as you have to buy them as it is and can’t make any change in its style and the pattern. And here when it is about hoodies and t-shirts, all bets are off and you are just helpful and what you can do is just rely on the already prepared composition of the shirt and the pants. 

Before making your mind and insisting yourself that hoodies and t-shirts can also be used for business suits. You need to do a little bit of online research and you will get to know the truth. The truth is that neither kind of dressing is as easily categorized as you might think and it includes everything from the size, cutting style, and color you will grab.

When a  shirt isn’t a t-shirt

When talking about the t-shirts, we often think that it would be the white and plain undershirt and there would be no colors in it and why do you need to buy more than one when they all would be the same white color. But, you might be unaware of the fact that now the trends have changed and there are much more in t-shirts than just about the white plain shirts. All the credit goes to the makers and designers trying hard to make thug stylish for us. 

There is a possibility that you are misunderstanding the t-shirts with the dress t-shirts. Yes, you hear right, you may hear about the dress t-shirts and misconception them with the plain white t-shirts as the material used in the manufacturing is the same. 

You might have noticed what has happened here. We have mixed both of the misconceptions to reach a point. 

when hoodies are not a hoodie

You need to be very careful when buying a hoodie as it has the same case as that of t-shirts and you don’t believe that the stuff that looks like a house is not a hoodie at all and you are again misunderstanding something here. You might believe that every shirt or sweater with a hat on the back is a hoodie. But, that’s not how things happen as the hoodies are the specific term as it is quite hooded with the hood, and it is just a short term of the full one.

Now the hoodies are in the trends and the credit goes to the video game series which has made the players crazy and they are all following the so-called hoodie style in the video game series. With all due respect, it is said that those garments are not hoodies at all, they are just long open tunics with built-in hoodies. 

Don’t forget graphics and message 

You might have noticed that the graphics and designs and messages that are written on the t-shirts have a variety and the message you can’t deliver with your lips can be pasted on the shirt and leave the rest on it and it will be delivered when you go outside and everyone gets to know who you meet.

But, sometimes it might be troubling for you as most of the politicians and violence lovers are using this way to spread aggressiveness and hatred among people.

In shirts, all bets are off in the matter of hoodies as anything can be expected for anyone. 

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