A loving better half can make your life paradise

A loving better half can make your life paradise

A loving better half can make your life paradise 

“ To take a fancy “ is an idiom, which means to get attracted to, which appeals to our eyes, it can be a person or we want to add that person or object in our life. In this situation, the best we can do is find a better half whom you love, anyone can never replace that person. When you have him/her in your life, respect her, love her, take care of her, these things increase the beauty of your life. To live a life with a wanted person makes your life peaceful and satisfactory only when the other one feels the same for you.

Is there any person who doesn’t need beauty in his life in the form of a better half? I think, this kind of person doesn’t exist.

It is seen that when you are with your beautiful wife or with a handsome husband, your friends, and colleagues care for you and respect you. They want to meet with your better half. These feelings are lovely, it increases the beauty of life.

Arguments can ruin your life’s peace

Life is peaceful with an amazing mate but what will happen when you have to spend your life with whom you can’t live for a moment. Always being in fights, argues and misunderstanding makes your life unpleasant and stressful. It causes mental disorder to you because living with a person who can not let you take rest for a second, is not possible 

Having a beautiful better half with you is lucky because it is one of the things that you can’t buy with money. Here is a question about life, so everyone gets so much conscious about any possibility, but some people are so lucky in this case, no matter if they got married, love, or arranged, the thing is, how you spend life with him/her afterward.

Select a “ match “ 

When you are going to spend the rest of your life with a particular person. You have full right to judge him/her in your way. You can meet him, talk to him and observe that person and find a conclusion that is he/she match your personality or not? But one thing, do not judge, on the basis of looks, because moral values also matter.

Some people decide about their life impatiently. Don’t get impatient because if you do something wrong in a hurry, no one will go through the results afterward but only you.

Is there anything in it to satisfy your ego or to show something to others? of course not. So, don’t be emotional to satisfy your ego. These things don’t end up within days or months. It is a question about your life.

Life has different priorities 

Everyone has his preferences. Some are worried about the financial crisis, some are worried about their health or body shape, some have tensions about career, but except these problems, some are worried about his mate’s dealing with his family some people always keep on thinking about how his life partner would be looking. 

Find happiness first 

Just leave everything behind, find one thing which gives you inner peace and relaxation of mind and that is “ Happiness “

You can face any kind of problem when you are happy. No one can take this pleasure from you.

There are some qualities which should be in your companion 

A perfect sense of humor :

A quality to deal with any problem easily is the need of the time. When you are good with a sense of humor you don’t stress ever anything

A strong understanding :

A mutual understanding between a couple is the best thing I have ever heard. The beauty lies in the feeling that someone is there who will listen and understand your feelings and point of view.

Sexual desirability :

A desire to get romantic with your husband/wife is a great feeling for the other one. It removes all the worries and anxiety of the day when you have someone who will kiss your forehead and hug you to make you feel relaxed.

Just forgive & forget :

Mistakes happen, what you should do is, just discuss them, to resolve the misunderstandings and misconceptions. Talk about that once and forget that issue, the next morning. It is a beautiful way to spend a healthy life with your mate.

Trust each other :

A couple must have trust between them because no relation can prosper without having esteem and trust in the other one. Having no trust will never give peace of mind.

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