7 things that are more important than money for the kids

7 things that are more important than money for the kids

7 things that are more important than money for the kids

Now the parents have become so much busy in their lives that they don’t find time to spend with their kids, the fathers are the working man and they just prefer to sleep when coming back from the office and some mothers are also the working ladies, they also get tired of their work and leave their kids to the maids and to the caretakers, they don’t bother what they need because they think that the parents are working for their kids to feed them, the gift then toys and dresses to ear, they think that their responsibilities are ended here. But that’s not how things work, they may have no idea but there are so many other things that your kids need, except toys, eatables, wearables, and money. 

As a parent, you are responsible to take care of your kids’ emotional needs just like their physical needs.

Here we will highlight some of the important things, just to tell the parents that they are also the essentials of life so must consider them in your and your kids’ life for their better upbringing and future.


It might sound awkward but yes, love plays a major role in the betterment of your kids mental and emotional level, you might be thinking that every parent love their children and this thing doesn’t need to be highlighted, but it may need to highlight because just to fulfill physical needs are not enough, you need to love them as it increases their self-esteem, confidence and enhances the capacity to love others.


It is said about kids that they take everyone’s attention with their innocent and cute gestures and doings, but you may be unaware of the thing that they also need attention and time. They need quality plus quantity time with you. This shows that they not only need materialistic things but also your affection and time. If you ought to give them what they need, add time and attention to the list.


You, as a parent, pay their school fee and get so much concerned about their performance and your child also work hard to be on your expectations but if the encouragement or affirmation is missing your child will not progress in a positive way because sometimes a single word of appreciation can change their lives and make them realize that you are proud of them and always there to hear and keep an eye on them.

Build a stable home

A home is a place where your child would initialize life and will also end there and when the person especially the parents are not concerned to them or will not love them, they even don’t want to stay there because the kids just need attention, time and love and if they don’t get it, they get mentally disturbed and this thing just not only disturb their studies and progress but also their whole life.


Kids may assume what capabilities they have, it is the parental duty to keep an eye on the characteristics and capabilities of their kids and encourage them. You may have no idea it can be the career of their future and a strong lifeline to love a successful life. This includes the minor things but can become a major one, like education, food, friends, activity, etc. they definitely experience new things when they are with their parents because they will be more excited and relaxed.


When your kids don’t know what and when to say on what occasions. They know nothing and there is no need to give them all the facilities of life and maybe you get failed as a parent. As it is the parental responsibility to teach them everything including ethics, appropriate behavior, how to deal with people, and they should be consistent and positive only then they can achieve their dreams.

A good laugh

As a parent, you must be concerned for your kid’s health so you have to give them time to make them laugh. As the research says, a baby laughs 200 times per day and the adult laughs 15 to 20 times. It doesn’t only beneficial for their mental and physical health but also for their emotional health. This will only be possible when all families would sit together and discuss the occasion and happenings of their life and keep sharing personal experiences so that your kids learn the same and follow your guidelines and habits.

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